Are you looking to become a Reiki practitioner?

We have a Certified Master Teacher available who can attune and teach you all about the healing benefits of Reiki and how you can provide those benefits to your family, friends, and clients. 

What to expect

You can expect Reiki level 1 attunement and training to take 8 hours.

Reiki Level 2 attunement will be done on a separate day, the attunement and training will take 8 hours.

Contact Us for info on becoming a Master Teacher.

Affordable Training

All required training materials are provided in  class and is included in the total cost of the program, no additional fees required.

Lunch and snacks are included. 

Mentorship & Community

Choosing to become a Reiki Practitioner opens up so many wonderful doors. You will find that the Reiki community is so helpful, kind, uplifting, and supportive. 

"Your vibe brings your tribe"

Please call us for details